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    • [PD408] Pad Fish-finder [PD408] Pad Fish-finder PAD fish finder is one kind of new-type fish finder with simple- touch operation to display fishing images on Android PAD / phone through Bluetooth transceiver transferring fishing signal to Pad / phone.It is a fishing echo presentation with high stability and sensitivity to effectively remove noise and disturbance, waterproof and dustproof. Meanwhile,due to high cost-performance and good user experience, PAD fish finder is applied in professional and amateur fishing lovers. ...
    • [DFXXXX] 10 Inch LCD Digtial Fishfinder [DFXXXX] 10 Inch LCD Digtial Fishfinder New 10 inch fish finder DF series bring users the power of low noise digital filter. With its smart new shape and excellent performance, plus the high sensitivity and 1-3 kw power USA AIRMAR transducers,ensures you satisfied fishing result....
    • [FS117] 7 Inch TFT Dual-frequency Fish Finder [FS117] 7 Inch TFT Dual-frequency Fish Finder FS117 7 inch LCD fish finder is of high sensitivity and advanced detecting software which can display the water bottom landform, depth and figures accurately....
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