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    • [IR762] Weather Station Repeater [IR762] Weather Station Repeater ...
    • [IR361] Digital Gyro Repeater [IR361] Digital Gyro Repeater IR361 is a digital gyro repeater that displays the heading angle in the LED segment display and indicates the rate of turn (ROT) with 30 dual-color surrounding LEDs. The IR361 will display heading angle given by the HDT message from a gyro or other equipment (NMEA0183) and indicate ROT by calculating change in heading based on the HDT input and the time between each message. ...
    • [IR761] Wind Repeater [IR761] Wind Repeater The IR761 wind repeater is a combined display for wind speed and direction. It receives NMEA0183 signal from a marine anemometer (talker), display the average, max/min wind speed on digit LEDs, and wind direction on a double LED circle. ...
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