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    • [SIM183] NMEA0183 Tester [SIM183] NMEA0183 Tester NMEA0183 tester SIM183 is a handheld portable tester for testing transmit-received NMEA0183 signals, with lithium battery for 9-hour continuous working. SIM183 can receive and display NMEA0183 signal from an external device, and test baud rate and peak value of the received signal. It also can send the selected NMEA0183 sentence (optional 142 kind of NMEA0183 sentences) and the baud rate of the transmitted signal can be set. In practical operation, NMEA0183 tester SIM183 can be applied for the installation, debugging and trouble removal....
    • [SIM992] Depth Sounder / Fish Finder Tester [SIM992] Depth Sounder / Fish Finder Tester SIM992 is a precision instrument designed for generating the reply echo pulse for all types of depth sounders and fish finders....
    • [SIM996] Data Simulator For Echo Sounder [SIM996] Data Simulator For Echo Sounder ...
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